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Courses Offered

Play Group

The age of 2 to 3 years is the phase of child’s life where he/ she tries to grab language, signs & symbols, recognize figures. Our trained faculties make sure that your kid is not only doing great in that but also help them to acquire courage to participate in each activity. The faculties which emotionally connect to this age group make it possible to feel your kids like a second home.


3 to 4 yrs. kids are eager to understand different things like writing, arithmetic, social skills and much more. We have well experienced staff who will teach to children these things by their own pace. Apart from education, this age group also wants to deal in different activities like singing, dancing etc. Era Kids & Modern Preschools also serves these facilities.

Junior K.G.

Kids at the age of 4 to 5 are able to communicate with others for their basic needs & start making friends. We are there to help your kid’s each & every growing need at this age.

Senior K.G.

This is the time when your kids need to prepare for their school. They are seniors at the pre-school level & so we treat them like the seniors. They are involved into various events & start taking responsibilities on their own. Though they are guided by their teachers, they handle the group activities with their friends. In other words, we force their inner voice & leadership skills to get into action.