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About Us

Welcome Era Kids & Modern Preschools, a world filled with fun and education. Young minds are like clay pots and can be mould at a tender age. Hence we at Era Kids & Modern Preschools have implemented a simple philosophy of LAUGH, LEARN & LEAD. With emphasis on laughter at every step while educating for a bright future, we are developing future leaders.

At Era Kids & Modern Preschools, we seek to help the child make a successful break from home while developing a sense of security and feeling of success. The school syllabus is designed after adequate research of child psychology. Our Aim is to expose children to the kind of stimulating experiences which promote healthy mental growth, great freedom and overall personality development, besides providing adequate training in Reading and Writing Readiness.

Era Kids & Modern Preschools have trained teachers thus resulting in a dynamic, challenging and excitement filled atmosphere. All this is possible because of our continuous and comprehensive in service orientation, education and training program for teachers through self-motivated school based activities. Child’s development is based on the combined effort of parenting and schooling, we believe in cultivating young minds to give them a strong foundation based on the principles of Integrity, Prosperity and Success.

Parent’s Participation:

Doubtless, parents are the most important link in the overall growth of the child. While we follow a periodic feedback system to keep you informed about the child’s progress, we would appreciate the same from you. Needless to say that this will be of mutual interest and benefit. Your Feedback and Suggestions are valuable. We will be delighted to offer individual meetings and interactive sessions with the teachers by prior appointment. Please voice any concerns and anxieties. This will help us build a friendly and mutually beneficial environment.

Health & Wellness

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    In order to develop healthy eating habits in the child, we request the parents to pack in nutritious meals while the teachers encourage the students to finish their meals on time.

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    Our washrooms are especially designed keeping children in mind with all amenities at child level. Children are also taught basic hygiene such as washing hands before and after eating.

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    We also provides a regular day care for working parents who want to ensure that their children are in a safe environment and well taken care of during the day. In addition to regular pre-school facilities for continued learning through the day, day care children are also provided with amenities such as beds for nap time.

Experience & History

Educational background for 20 years of our Chairman Mr. Sunil Desale Sir from Manohar Joshi’s Kohinoor Institute. He has a wealth of operational knowledge that made him widely sought out as a consultant for educational ventures.

Within a short span of time, Modern Preschool is emerging as India’s well-known preschool, with international teaching methods and curricula to ensure the right kind of development for your little one. Every child has unique potential. In a nurturing, secure environment, every child can flourish. Children learn best through play, experiential situations and people interactions. We strive to make your child’s preschool years full of the joy of learning. We recognize that this is where your child’s first social interactions take place outside the security and comfort of the home. We work hard to make sure the preschool experience creates confident and curious young learners.

Our Associates:


“This school helps new students adapt to a different learning and requirement system, always ready to help the child overcome the hardships of the learning process as well as create conditions that help improve oneself, enable the student to participate not only in school, but also in outside projects.”

Mahesh Joshi
Parent- Chinchwad, Pune.